Wednesday, June 5, 2019

June Update

An early update to this month is I learned how to make a bolo tie.  I saw a bolo tie on Pinterest worn with a tee-shirt. I thought it looked amazing so I set out to make my own. 

I have a good supply of cabochons but I had to research where to find the clips for the backside and the tips for the end of the leather.  I found and 

You will notice there are 4 peyote strips on the leather cords.  I made these with even peyote just to dress up the cords.  They slide so they can be positioned anywhere on the cord.

The bolo tie is very versatile and can be paired with casual or dress shirts.  Above I paired it with a linen blouse. It looked just as nice with a tee-shirt.

There are a few style selections for a clip on the backside and I think it comes down to individual preference  I liked the tension clip below best because it keeps the leather cords aligned and clipping it down with the tension flap is optional.

Both suppliers offer a nice selection of tips. does have sterling silver tips. The metal tips are nice too.  I think it comes down to style and budget. 

I have another bolo tie ready to be photographed. As soon as the sun shines again I will get some photos of that design to share.

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