Monday, January 28, 2019

January Update - More Copper

I think the copper run may be officially over because I am out of the copper links. I did incorporate a small supply of copper bead caps that have not been easy to use with beads because they are oversized, even for a 14M bead. Using pliers I straightened the caps using one as a focal point and then one on each end of the cuff.

My goto bead colors always seem to be metal colors and I love combining them. The cabochons were bezeled with 11/0 shiny copper delicas. I also used bronze 11/0 round seed beads and a mixture of bead colors that I call a southwest theme.

The bead edging was completed with 8/0 bronze round seed beads. This was the first time I used the 8/0 over 11/0 beads. In my opinion the end result was bold and beautiful.

I glued the beaded foundation to a blank cuff and finished the underside with a soft brown leather. 

The last copper design this month was a pair of earrings. I started out feeling luke warm about the design and style and ended up loving them.

It has been a fun month using up all of my copper supplies. I hope you find inspiration for how I have been using copper links, beads and bead caps.

On the side I have been working on a beading tutorial for a bezeled cabochon I recently completed with a lacy and layered technique. I will provide an update when that becomes available in my Etsy shop. 

Happy Beading!

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