Sunday, December 30, 2018

Copper Components and more

I have been hooked on copper designs following my last post on the pendant and earrings. I like that design so much I made another pair of the oval copper link earrings. I have listed them in Etsy Shop with 20% off. Sale price is $60 plus free shipping.

Also listed in my Etsy Shop is a feather pin approximately 2-1/4 inch in size. This was a super easy design once I found feather templates on Pinterest. To make the left side elevated I put another piece of bead foundation along the left side and then glued it in place.  

As usual, I added a light piece of cardboard backing behind the felt foundation and then cut small slit in the ultra suede that is glued down. I am thinking I will make this design a short tutorial. It's great for beginners and the end result can be achieved easily.

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