Thursday, October 25, 2018

Another October piece completed and listed in my Etsy shop. This pin and pendant can be found here.

A decal object I saw became a bead embroidered pin and pendant. This project pushed me to get outside of my comfort zone of freeform beading. For anyone looking to move up a level try looking for pictured objects that can be traced and then filled in with beads.  I encourage the use of contrasting bead colors and different shades of the same colors to create dimensional looking designs. 

For the cat outline I used 15/0 gunmetal black round seed beads and in the center I used 15/0 round seed beads in galvanized silver and crystal.  I wanted the center raised so I picked up 3 (silver, crystal, silver) beads and pushed the needle back down close to the working thread. By raising the center slightly it sharpened the inner outline.

The backside was lined with a faux leather fabric. I glued a 1 inch bar pin and made a chain guide using a small strip of ultra suede. I did a basic sewing stitch across the strip adding a bead with each stitch. My fancy way to hide the thread. I trimmed the length close to the bead stitch and then glued the strip to the backside with E6000 glue. This is the very best glue for jewelry making. My best advice is less is best.  It has great adhesion and dries clear, you just don't need a lot in the application.

As always, I hope my beading journey provides inspiration for you!

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