Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bead Embroidered Necklace

I just finished this necklace design utilizing a very basic collar template. Here is how the project progressed from start to finish.

I used a basic collar template and elongated it for the big teardrop jasper stone. The 4 irregular shaped cabs were turned randomly to balance the design within the outline. I chose several bead colors that matched the shades and tones from the cabs. First, I circled the cabs with black and galvanized silver seed beads to lift them up.

I then used complimentary seed bead colors in gunmetal, ivory, bronze, brown and gray and then sewed the beads in a random pattern around the cabs. I also incorporated a few randomly placed small silver disc beads.

On the ends of the collar where there are no cabs I made a wave-like pattern to fill in the open area. 

The most satisfying part of making a necklace is clipping the foundation away from the design. To give this necklace a sturdy shape I did glue lightweight cardboard to the back before I applied the ultra suede backing.

The necklace closes with a gold toggle clasp. All and all it took me 4 weeks to finish around my full-time job.

What's next? Stop back to see how I use some new cabs in gold and green shades. 

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