Friday, May 19, 2017

Bead Embroidery Cuff Process

This embroidered cuff was designed to incorporate earthy colors. The 3 cabochons have spider veins that resemble trees or branches. Those characteristics helped me choose the the indian red, moss green, black, cream and bronze seed beads.

The cuff shape was drawn around the shape of the cabochons. My vision was to give the cabs dimension with a double row of beads and then create a flow of beads around them. I always try to get early photos of my creative process to encourage anyone thinking they can't master bead embroidery that they can do this with motivation and perseverance. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to lay the beads. This is your art!

Below is the photo with the initial drawing of the shape on the felt backing. (Hint: use backing that will be the least noticeable by using a felt color that is close to the lightest color beads. Then, use a magic marker in other areas to obscure the backing behind the darker beads.) After I finished the initial placement of the cabs, I did use black magic marker to hide the gray. 

After I glued the cabs down I used 11/0 round and 11/0 delicas for the double row around the side cabs.  On the middle cab I added the 15/0 pumpkin color beads to lift it off the cuff.  My personal style is to add dimension and focal points.

Below is a photo of the finished outline. At this point, I started to define the outer edge with the donut-like beads on the right.  

In the photo below the bead flow started to emerge. I added more rows behind the donut-like beads and left an area for a completely different design. I added the black 12M bugle beads at the center of the cuff to set the center cab apart.  

In this last photo you can see I am basically just filling in the areas with the bead flow pattern.

It was backed with black microsuede and edged with 11/0 matte black seed beads. The clasp is a black hook and eye.

Because I am not always sure if I will keep my art or sell it I tend to size everything to fit me. This cuff measures 6 1/2 inches.  It's not too snug, nor does it slide on the wrist.  For now, it is on my art shelf for viewing and future inspiration.

Update:  The cuff was gifted to my sister for her birthday. She loves it!

I hope seeing my creative process was encouraging to anyone thinking about bead embroidery.

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