Saturday, April 29, 2017

Beaded Cuff

The beaded collar opened my eyes to the art of bead embroidery. What I like most about bead embroidery is there is no such thing as a mistake. The placement of the cabochons, beads and color palette is wide open for an artistic expression. The upside to bead embroidery is it gives me an opportunity to finally use some of the bead inventory I have collected over the years.

This cuff is about 2 inches in width and about 6.5 inches long. The clasp on cuffs really need to be planned out in advance.  Being this was my first cuff that was not the case. The ending was an after thought that worked out just fine.  I ended it with a leather cord glued between the micro suede backing and gave it a decorative button.

The next projects are another beaded cuff and hair barrette. Stay tuned for those pictures in a few days.

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