Monday, February 20, 2017

Bead Embroidery

The art of bead embroidery has always intrigued me. I have admired the work of many artists. I even purchased several cabochons back in 2011 with great intentions. Recently, I has some time following a foot surgery.  I searched for the 2011 purchase and dove into that creative space. 

My warm up project was the dragon fly pin. I learned a few things in this design, but all inall it came out fine. 

The next design was a collar necklace that was dumb luck because the only plan I had was to glue down the cabs. The remainder of the design was what I call painting with beads. I knew it needed to have dimension or it would fall short for presentation. The shape of the collar was designed to follow the red jasper cab placements. I settled on a double bead placement technique and swirled in the colors of the cabs. 

Without much planning I ended up with an Egyptian theme. Ironically, I have been fascinated with Egypt's history since early grade school and I did get to travel there 7 years ago. They say an artist draws from their life experiences so I guess that has to be true. 

I hope to expand my creative space so it is my greatest pleasure to list the beaded necklace in my Etsy shop. Please stop by for a visit to see more of my work.

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