Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Design for AlexaSteve Shop

The latest design for the AlexaSteve shop on Etsy.  I took this design to the side for a stand-out style.

I suppose the design can be worn the opposite way, but I think it looks best the way it is displayed on the model below. 

In working through design ideas in the past few weeks I am finding easier ways to assemble. I have come to the conclusion that some designs will be limited editions and others will be replicated and available for custom orders. This one will be on the list for a custom order.

I have contemplated a new blog site for AlexaSteve, but for right now, I intend to combine shop updates for Preserve Studio and AlexaSteve on this site. When time allows and this shop catches on I will contemplate the next steps.

Thanks for following me on both accounts! 

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