Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week With Starzy Eleganze Pattern

Continuing from last week's working pattern is a few more prototypes of what I hope to be a tutorial by the end of the month.  When I create a new bead pattern I spend many hours recreating the design. I move the threads differently through the bead pattern to ensure I have attained the easiest method for my audience. I try different thread weights and types as well as bead colors.  

I started this design in a long earring, but I am now cutting it back to a shorter design for the showcase piece. I will offer the long option in the pattern, but I think the appeal will be for the shorter version.  

To create a 3-dimensional look I used three seed bead colors. This pair is approximately 2-3/4 in length.  They look wonderful with shoulder length or longer hair.  I am not sure how a pixie cut would feel about this length.

I shortened up this pair by one bead length bringing them to a length of 

Last, and my favorite length are these silver beauties.  The beaded bead adds enough length to bring this pair up to 1-3/4. 

The pair I am working on today will have a blue faceted crystal in place of the beaded bead. I will also begin shooting the pictures for the step-by-step instructions. Stay tuned....

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