Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Starzy Eleganze Tutorial On Hold

I am at a crossroad as to whether I will offer this design as a tutorial. The hesitation is this design falls squarely at an intermediate level.  Beading the star is relatively easy. The skill level is raised to intermediate in my mind because all 4 stars need to be exactly alike in size and thread tension. I will admit my own sense of perfectionism causes the static in my decision. When I branched out to this area a few years ago it was important to me that any beading enthusiast that purchases one of my personal designs is totally satisfied with their experience. I will give it some more thought through the holiday season.

In the interim, I took to learning the Russian Leaves. I have always liked this bead foundation. I found a straightforward YouTube video by Jill Wiseman.  I used 11/0 gunmetal delicas and 11/0 galvanized silver seed beads for the edges.

This pair turned out fine, but I think I want to work at making a double layer to accomplish a firmer foundation. See you soon.

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