Monday, August 4, 2014

Copper Up

A review of this week's earrings are these copper and cream peyote triangles. Peyote triangles by themselves seem to plain for my taste.  A simple pattern bead pattern and copper flower spacers spruced up the design. 

The creating never ends. As I look at these photos now I can see another improvement to the design.  A copper flower spacers close the ear wire hanger would finish of this design nicely!

Here is a look at another pair of earrings in cascading colors. I found them under a bead mat with other forgotten work pieces. I made them originally to showcase the earring Dome Motif Earring Tutorial

These earrings have been super hard to photograph. If I let too much light into the box the colors are washed out. The happy medium above at least shows the true colors.

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