Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bead One Knit Two

I am thinking about changing my blog mission statement to Bead One Knit Two. Combining my interests seems to make more sense than writing two blogs.

First mention is a navy blue and ivory bracelet I designed this past week incorporating beaded beads. I really like the mixed materials and I hope they are well received.  

March is a perfect time to take inventory and prepare for spring and summer color pallettes.
As promised in my prior post I have work in progress photo of my sweater. Remember, I had to frog the first attempt because my third stitch pattern was flawed in count. I hope to finish 5 inches more of the current stitch pattern this week. Once complete I begin transitioning to the 4th stitch pattern as well as the shaping of the armholes. 
I have seen half a dozen finished sweaters of this design by  other Ravelry members.  I am happy to know the pattern has been thoroughly tested before me. Seeing their completed projects keeps me motivated to finish as quickly as possible. My goal is to be done before April 1. If you want to see the Tarian by Thayer Preece Parker go here. It has glorious detail and I love the sleeve option. I am not quite sure if I will add the thumb hole yet, but it is a good possibility.

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