Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Upward Challenge

I might as well climb Mt. Everest. The self inflicted challenge of knitting a sweater has me sweating with perfection. I am at the point of the pattern where I need to do a 2 stitch cable front and back. The stitch is easy, but slooowwww. I realized two-thirds along the first row that a few of the stitches did not look right.  I could have made the correction and kept going. Who would notice? Me! My eyes would forever be drawn to that row. So, I did the right thing. Knitted my way backwards and started the row again. For a knitter, these moments of realization make you want to scream. However, we compose ourselves and tend to the task with a feeling of satisfaction when the correction is done.  I have had the same moments in beading too, so I am no stranger to this helpless feeling of having to lose precious time and energy on a correction. 

In comparison to my prior post it does not look like I made much progress. Because I am knitting in the round both the back and front are completed at the same time. This technique adds to the production time. 

An update on the watercolor cowl in the prior post. I gave it to my son's best girl.  I had enough yarn to do it again, so I am repeating that cowl while I work on the sweater. It's my in between no brainer project. A knitter always has these project working along side the complex projects.

This package will be mailed out on Thursday due to the winter snow storm upon numerous states. We should have 12 inches in my area today by dinner time. Spring, get here fast!

Stay warm!

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  1. I had to laugh at myself when you said "who would notice? Me." I want things right too. I have regretted it the few times I went forward without the correction.