Sunday, February 23, 2014

Patience Gives Me Strength

When there is something I want I will patiently persist. I will ignore that little voice that says you don't have what it takes.  I will break down the task and do it again and again. The last sweater post picture was unraveled and reballed because when I got to the third pattern sequence the stitch count was off. I had no recourse but to frog it and start again from the beginning. I was fortunate to find someone on Ravelry making the same sweater pattern. I sent Molly an email and she answered me right away with the solution. It's really joyful to find another passionate knitster who quickly responded. Well, I started again and when I got to the point of contention the first time around my anxiety level rose because if it happened again I might not have recovered. I am pleased to report that Molly had steered me right. Relief set in immediately. I am humming along with the third pattern change. I will show that progress later in the week.  Stay tuned. 

In between the frogging of the sweater I repeated the watercolor cowl. It was a peace keeping project in the midst of a crisis.  Different from the last version I eliminated 20 cast on stitches giving this one a more snug fit. I am super happy with the result.

And last, but not least is a mention of my neglected beading :(  For this familiar beaded bracelet design I inserted one of my beloved beaded beads. I may have mentioned 100 times prior that I love bling. I think that is why I like including silver on everything. This idea came about unexpectedly.  I was only planning to string up only the black pearls. My beading mat is usually an embarrassing mess of half completed ideas. There in the corner lay a few of the galvanized silver beads. Wait a minute ...why have I never thought of this before.
This blinging beauty is a size 7 and it will be up for sale just as soon as I can shoot the pictures in the daylight this week. On the tails will be dark blue pearls with an ivory beaded bead. It will be laced with the galvanized seed beads and the same clasp. Oh yes, size 7.  I have a few 8 inch of this design in my shop, but I am finding this size not to be in demand.
Stop back for the sweater progress post!

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